Product warranties & care


Product Materials

We love to design unique handmade accessories, but please do keep in mind that as our all products are created by hand, it's likely that there may slight variations from piece to piece. Colors may be represented differently on your computer screen. Please contact us with any questions before purchase, if you are in doubt.

Product Care

Though we pack our items very carefully, sometimes during transportation items may ruffle or change shape. Most cases can be corrected by removing the item from the packaging and letting "breathe" a bit, then gently shape the petals or disfigure details into the desired shape. You can also LIGHTLY iron with steam the items (fabric flowers, ribbons, tulle). Make sure to hold the item bit far away from the steam. Oversteaming may damage your item. Fabric items are not waterproof so be careful around liquids.

Product Warranties

Please be advised that the details of the product: wood, stone, metal, or gold & silver dust (silver plated & gold plated details) can be affected by external factors (water, humidity, mechanical action) and eventually wear out. This property is not considered a defect.

Warranty is provided on goods for defective production. The guarantee shall be provided by the relevant legal acts.

Warranty conditions:

* Warranty applies to jewelry & accessory quality discrepancies caused by the manufacturer's fault;

* Natural wear & tear on jewelry & accessories is not considered a quality flaw;

* Inequalities or changes in the surface and color of natural wood, stone or metal are not considered qualitative defects;

* Warranty service does not apply when jewelry & accessories are misused or damaged due to buyer's fault;

* Warranty does not apply to products that have been repaired independently;

Accessories aren't toys. It is recommended for children 12 years of age or younger to wear with close adult supervision.