Find out how to wear handmade wedding side hair combs for brides

Ideas & tips how to wear side hair combs for your weddings

Hair combs are a popular choice for brides as wedding hair accessories, which can add a unique touch to your regular hairstyle. Though using hair combs may seem tricky at first, mastering the technique can help you create several simple yet elegant hairstyles. Whether you have thick or fine hair, you can create beautiful hairstyles with the hair combs.

Side combs are hair accessories that are shaped like a comb and are used to decorate the sides of your hairdo. However, you can also use them with buns. There are combs for every hair type, and they are handy as you can use one or a pair of these lovely accessories to create a wide range of styles. From half-up styles and hair buns to classic French pleats and many vintage looks, a hair comb can do it all. They are part of vintage hair accessories that have made a comeback for all the right reasons. In short, hair-side combs are not just combs; they are versatile tools to create different hairstyles.

Many women struggle to use hair combs effectively due to their infrequent use. Consequently, they may believe that side combs aren't for them. What a pity! The good news is that hair combs are suitable for all hair types, whether you have thin or thick hair, dry or silky hair, or long or short hair. This versatility enables you to create a wide range of styles.

How do get a comb to stay in?
There are several creative ways that you can use a hair comb. Here are some simple steps that will help you use your side comb effectively:

1. Hold the comb upside down, so that the curve is pointing upwards.
2. Pull back the section of hair into the position you wish to pin it, then, holding your hair in place with your hand, run the teeth of the comb along this section with your other hand.
3. Still holding your hair back with your hand, flip the comb back over with your other hand and push it forward until it stays firmly in place.
4. Repeat these steps on the other side of your head with a second comb if desired. 

Choose a hairstyle that can be easily created using hair combs. Let's move on to the next step which is the hair combs themselves. Here are some elegant handmade hair combs to choose from.

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